Natural Motion Golf Lessons – How to optimize your authentic swing.

I’m a big movie buff. Going to the movies is one of my favorite things to do, besides salt water fishing. Tin Cup was a good rom-com with golf as the backdrop. The Greatest Game Ever Played was a classic sports movie. And of course, everyone knows Bill Murray’s antics in Caddy Shack. But let’s talk about the golf movie … Read More

Putters for sale in The Villages

​Impulse purchases and the funny, fickle way people buy putters There are a lot of putters for sale in the Villages… old ones, new ones, cheap ones, spendy ones, fancy putters, dumb putters, useless putters, magical putters and everything in between. With so much to choose from, buying a putter is one of the most random, emotional purchases anyone ever … Read More

Putting Myths and Misconceptions that can ruin your game.

As you all know, there’s a lot of misinformation and misleading tips in the golf world. Right when you think you’ve found one putting tip that works, you find another that contradicts it. Everyday in our putting classes we’re debunking the putting myths and misconceptions that people bring with them. We see a lot of crazy ideas here in The … Read More

Distance vs. Distance control

Every club manufacturer on earth claims their latest, greatest driver delivers more distance… More distance than your current driver. More distance than the competitor’s driver. More distance than the driver they just introduced six months ago. C’mon! How can that be? “More distance” is such an over used, overblown claim, it’s become an industry cliche. Think about the realities of … Read More

“Forget-About-It” Golf

In golf, it’s not the stuff you forget that really messes you up, it’s all the stuff you try to remember. “Keep your head down. Cock your wrists. Maintain your spine angle. Delay your release.” Forget about it! If you have a checklist like that running through your head, you’re not going to hit a good shot. Hi. I’m John … Read More

Games are meant to be played.

At some point, every golfer who plays the game regularly gets fed up. You go home after a bad round, swear off the game forever with a flurry of expletives, and hang up your clubs in the garage. Too much frustration. Too much pressure. Too much grinding, practicing, working, and not enough good old-fashioned fun. All too often golf becomes … Read More

Surrendering to your authentic swing.

Let’s face it. The brink of disaster is a familiar place for most golfers. When things really start to fall apart, the standard operating procedure usually goes like this: First you go to the driving range and beat some balls, hoping to find your swing. If you can’t find “it,” you start to experiment with the latest tip from the … Read More

The Wonders of Putting – Aim is everything.

Many of the golfers we see in The Villages putt with a troubling sense of wonder. As in, “I wonder if I’m lined up correctly.” “I wonder if I’m reading this right” “I wonder if this is the right putter for me.” “I wonder if I should change my grip.” “I wonder if my stroke is too long, or too … Read More