Elevate Your Game.

Golf at the Next Level. That's what we deliver... No matter where you start, we'll help take your game to a new level. Up you go!

We don't deal in theories. We deal in facts and data that we've accumulated from golfers just like you, over the last 35 years.
The facts prove that any golfer - young or old - can find more distance, and lower their scores, without delving into the mechanics of the swing.

This evidence-based approach to golf instruction is only taught in Lady Lake, and it begins with the putter. Because that is, without a doubt, the shortest path to improvement.

Transform Your Putting.

The path to better putting begins with trust. If you don’t trust your stroke, your putter or your aim you’ll have zero confidence. And when you lose confidence, you start missing short putts.

Miss a couple short ones and it can ruin your entire day.

We can help you break out of that frustrating cycle by building a rock solid foundation of confidence. In just 3 hours you’ll learn more than you can in a lifetime of lessons and YouTube videos.

The Eyes On The Prize Putting Masterclass is much more than just theories. It will reveal exactly what’s happening with your putting and open your eyes to a much better way. So you can improve your distance control, stop 3-putting all the time and sink more putts.

  • See how your eyes and alignment can fool you into missing easy putts.
  • Get guidance from Iron Archie, the most accurate putter in Florida.
  • Experience for yourself what a solid, repeatable putting stroke feels like.
  • Bring your putter and find out if it’s helping you or hurting you.
  • Walk away with the skills you need to sink a lot more putts.

Get the ultimate confidence booster.

Eyes On The Prize Putting Masterclass just $49

  • Accelerated learning in our state-of-the-art training center just 3 minutes from The Villages.
  • 3-hours of game-changing putting instruction plus a complete putter fitting.
  • Hands-on instruction and skill building that produces immediate, measurable improvement.
  • Stop three-putting and start sinking more of those testy 5-footers.

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Find More Distance.

That lousy round of golf is written all over your face. See those impact marks... that means you're missing the sweet spot and giving up precious yards.

But here's the good news... You can easily learn to eliminate those maddening mishits. Guaranteed.

With golf lessons from GNL Golf you can train yourself to hit the sweet spot 8 out of 10 times. It's really not that hard, and we'll prove it to you.

You can drive it farther and hit more greens than you ever have, without dismantling your golf swing. Now that will put a smile on your face:-)

Contact like this will cost you 20 yards in golf

Hello Sweet Spot - Golf

Save On Clubs.

Before you drop $550 on a new driver or three hundred bucks for a putter, bring your current clubs in and have them tested. We could save you thousands on your next set of clubs.

Here are just a few things that we routinely find... Irons that set you up for failure. Putters that just don't line up. Shaft flex that varies dramatically from one club to the next. We can even learn a lot about your game just by looking at your golf glove!

John S. Ford has been engineering golf clubs since the 1970's. His client list includes dozens of hall-of-famers, including Jack Nicklaus, Dave Stockton, Sam Snead and Julie Inkster. But more importantly, he has helped thousands of regular golfers, just like you. He'll get your clubs dialed in, so you can drive if farther and hit more greens, without spending a fortune.

Is your aim correct? Laser test it.