Save Money on Clubs.

Golf clubs are getting expensive! It's not uncommon to pay $650 for a driver, or $3000 for a set of irons.

GNL Golf has a better way to buy.

Over the last 35 years we have gathered data on tens of thousands of golf clubs from ordinary golfers in Naples and The Villages. We've measured ball speed, tested shaft flex consistency and verified loft and accuracy angles.

What we found is insurmountable proof that, in many cases, the club really is responsible for your misses.

We're not just making up excuses for you. You could have a perfect swing, or make a perfect stroke, and still miss because your equipment is not quite dialed in. Bring your clubs in and we will prove it to you.

Before you spend another dime on equipment, come and see us.

Call now for an appointment. Whether you're thinking of buying, or you recently bought new clubs, we can help you take your game to a whole new level. 352-751-6767.

Here's what you'll learn when you go through the club testing and matching process with GNL Golf:

  • Why your favorite club in the bag works better than all the rest.
  • Why you come up short, and don't hit the green very often on your approach shots.
    • How shaft flex can vary dramatically from one club to the next, and how that affects ball flight.
    • Why you have to make difficult compensations with your golf swing.
    • Why your putting is inconsistent at best.
    • Why your scores vary so dramatically.

    Are your clubs helping, or hurting?

    John S. Ford is a craftsman at heart. A master clubmaker who has built golf clubs for some of the greatest names in the game, including Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Sam Snead. His 45 years of experience and his technical skills in the art of clubmaking are unsurpassed.

    But how can John's clubmaking skill and technical know-how possibly translate to better scores for you? After all, it's the player who misses shots, not the club, right? Not necessarily.

    John's meticulous, evidence-based approach to improvement goes way beyond club fitting. John will use irrefutable data, high tech equipment and 45 years of experience to get your equipment dialed in.

    This is a typical retail golf shop.  It's a research facility, learning center, clubmaking lab and training ground for golfers of all abilities.

    So stop second-guessing your equipment. Make an appointment today at GNL Golf.

    Call 352-751-6767.

    Or get started with our hands-on, Eyes On The Prize Putting Masterclass for only $49.

    Schedule a personalized, dynamic club testing session today.
    Call 352-751-6767 for an appointment.
    The big chains charge $175 for just the driver. $350 for a full set. We’ll check every club in your back for just $149. And guess what...  You'll get the best lesson of your life along with it.


    Small Stroke. Big Improvement

    The easiest way to see what we can do is to start with just one club — your putter. Bring your favorite putter and participate in our Eyes On The Prize Putting Masterclass. You'll leave with the confidence that allows you to forget about three-putting and become absolutely automatic on those pesky little four-footers.

    Come to the GNL training center and meet Iron Archie, the most accurate putter in Florida.

    On November 11th, 2010 Archie made 217 putts in a row from 11 feet away. Not even the hottest pros can match his deadly aim.

    Archie will share his secrets with you... Learn why you're missing those simple four and five-footers and get the training you need to roll those long putts into your own Circle of Trust every time.

    The Yes Putter - accurate aim
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