More Distance is Doable.

Hitting the ball farther is a universal yearning for golfers. Who doesn’t want a few more yards off the tee?

More distance is the #1 reason we buy new clubs, new balls, even new shoes! And losing distance is the biggest worry of older golfers. Every yard is precious.

Stop by our golf training center near The Villages, Florida and we will demonstrate that it is possible to find more distance, at any age.

Here’s the science of it… The laws of physics dictate that faster BALL SPEED is the single biggest contributor to distance. One mph of extra ball speed equals three extra yards of distance. That’s right… 1 = 3. Proven fact. But where does ball speed come from?

Ball speed comes from two things: Clubhead speed and sweet spot impact.

Clearly, the ball flies faster and farther when you hit the sweet spot of the clubface. The pros who routinely bomb it 330 yards hit the sweet spot every time AND they generate ridiculous amounts of clubhead speed.

Hit your golf balls farther

But more clubhead speed is not physically possible for the average, weekend golfer. As we get older, heavier, and less flexible we lose clubhead speed. It’s a fact of life. And even if you could speed up your swing, clubhead speed gains you nothing if you keep missing the sweet spot.

So the only way for the average golfer to find more distance is by consistently hitting the sweet spot — the center of the clubface. And it’s not that hard.

Hello Sweet Spot!

The fact is, a typical bogey golfer only hits the sweet spot 4 or 5 times a round. And it feels great! But every mishit is costing you precious yards – 15 to 30 yards with the driver. With Golf at the Next Level you can easily learn to repeat those good shots more frequently, and hit the sweet spot 8 out of 10 times.

It is absolutely doable! You really can learn to hit it consistently on the sweet spot, with the swing you’ve already got. And we’ll show you how.

Every golfer has a distinctly different golf swing. It’s like a fingerprint. Unfortunately, most instructors try to change that fingerprint. They’ll tear your swing down, piece-by-piece, and then try to rebuild it. Needless to say, that seldom works. Even Tiger Woods has a hard time with that approach.

With Golf at the Next Level, you don’t have to dissect your golf swing in order to improve. We take the swing you’ve already got — your natural, authentic swing — and we build on that. It doesn’t have to be pretty, it just needs to be consistent.

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You don’t need a perfect swing to get perfect impact.

Perfect golfing impact

There are plenty of great players who have succeeded with “unconventional” golf swings. Jim Fuyrk, Arnold Palmer, Bubba Watson, Lee Trevino. Those guys don’t worry about how the swing looks. They don’t copy other people, they use their natural swing.

And you know what all those swings have in common? Consistent Impact. They all hit the ball right on the sweet spot.

The Magic Moment.

Our “SweetSpot Ritual” clears the mind of all the technical clutter that sabotages the swing. It improves balance and puts the clubhead in the ideal position at impact — exactly on the sweet spot.

That’s the magic moment in golf. Nothing else really matters. And yet, no one else is teaching sweet spot impact.

It’s a simple, no-nonsense ritual of preparation that will improve distance with every club. Even if your swing is far from perfect. Utilizing the “Sweet Spot Ritual” and the right equipment, anyone can train themselves to hit the ball right on the sweet spot, 8 out of 10 times.

Clubhead in ideal position at impact

We have measurable proof that it works.

Putting Man

30 years of data shows that this simple little routine will eliminate those maddening mishits that drain distance from your golf swing. In about an hour, our students go from hitting it all over the clubface, to hitting it consistently on the sweet spot. Without changing their golf swing.

You really can hit it farther and more consistently with every club in the bag. You can post lower scores and get more enjoyment out of the game. So come to our one-of-a kind training center on Hwy 441. Just three minutes from The Villages, Florida. It’s not like any golf shop you’ve ever seen. Call now for an appointment, and start hitting it farther and straighter. 352-751-6767.