Putters for sale in The Villages

Impulse purchases and the funny, fickle way people buy putters

There are a lot of putters for sale in the Villages… old ones, new ones, cheap ones, spendy ones, fancy putters, dumb putters, useless putters, magical putters and everything in between. With so much to choose from, buying a putter is one of the most random, emotional purchases anyone ever makes.

It always starts with a few missed putts, an innate desire for a quick fix, a knee-jerk reaction and a trip to the golf shop.

Most people head straight to a big box golf retailer that has 157 different putters in stock. They walk around, pick one up that looks nice, and start experimenting. If one putt goes in the hole, then suddenly that putter’s their new best friend.

It’s pure luck, but they rationalize the decision by saying “it feels right and it fits my eye.”

Not exactly what I’d call a smart, data-driven purchase.

Here’s another common approach that has been loved by the golf industry ever since the first televised golf tournament. People watch a PGA tournament, then go out and buy whatever putter the winner was using.

“If it wins on Sunday, it sells on Monday” the sales reps say. Even if it’s a $500 Scotty Cameron or an oversized hunk of aluminum.

When Jack Nicklaus won his 18th major at The Masters with this piece of junk, McGregor’s sales went from zero to hero overnight.

Ten months later they took that model off the market.

It worked for Jack for few weeks, but was worthless in the hands of anyone else. (Next time you stop by GNL Golf, I can show you the exact model I’m talking about. Try it, and you’ll see what I mean.)

Looking for putters for sale in the villages? A lot of people use what I call the treasure hunter approach to buying a new putter…

They find all sorts of bargains and “rare finds” in thrift stores, on Facebook Marketplace, at garage sales or even hand-me-downs from hapless friends.

I appreciate the lure of the hunt, and frugality is not a bad thing, but you have almost no chance of finding the right tool for the job that way.

If you’ve taken our putting class you know there is a much better way to buy a putter.

Start by checking your aim with a laser aiming system. Until you know your aiming tendencies, you’ll never be able to make a wise choice in putters.

And please stop bending over so much!

Bad posture will kill your game faster than the latest Hank Haney training aid.

Over the years I’ve found two putter heads that work exceptionally well for the vast majority of my customers…

I sold a lot of Slazenger putters before that company went out of business, and now my custom fitting revolves around these Lotus putter heads.

If you shop for these online you’ll see that many are advertised as designed by Sean Toulon himself.

I think that’s bunk. Only Scotty Cameron commands a higher price for putters and I’m selling these for just $139.

Toulon was head of product creation at TaylorMade when its iconic Rossa putters and Spider designs were created. He currently designs putters for Odyssey. I worked for Sean when he ran Zevo Golf back in the 90’s.

Regardless of whose name is, or is not, on this putter, it has performed very well in my testing over the years.

And I promise you this, it will work better than the best selling putter of all time – the Odyssey two-ball. Here are some good, rational reasons why:

  • It’ll be custom built precisely for your unique stroke and posture.
  • Visible alignment line on top ensures proper aim.
  • It’s face balanced, which makes it easier to keep the putterhead square to the target.
  • Forged and hand Milled, which means it’s not mass produced in China with cheap, 3rd grade steel.
  • Infinitely adjustable so I can make this putter head work no matter what your set up looks like.
  • Super soft steel. You’ll love how it feels. No need for a face insert or gimmicks of any kind.
  • Black satin finish. White or chrome finishes reflect a lot of light and attract the eye, so it’s almost impossible to NOT watch the putter head’s movement.

So think about the tool that you’re using on the greens. Is it working for you, or against you? How do you know?

If you haven’t had your putter checked to make sure it’s built to spec for you, you’re probably creating unnecessary misses.

If you have any friends who are struggling with their putting and threatening to buy a new putter, save them some money and send them to GNL Golf.

What they’ll experience in our $49 class is ten times more valuable and more accurate than the $200 putter fittings that the big chains provide.

Hell, they don’t even check the lofts.

If you want to make a smarter decision, and start putting better than you ever have,


You won’t be second-guessing this purchase. Instead of adapting to the putter, get a putter that adapts to you. Call to set up an appointment to get your Lotus Putter — custom fit and spec verified. 352-751-6767.

p.s. 8 out of 10 people who come to our putting classes walk in with a putter that’s too short. If you were one of those, you’ve already tested out a Lotus Putter. That’s what we put in your hands to teach you to aim properly and to make a simple, shoulder-only putting stroke.