Surrendering to your authentic swing.

Let’s face it. The brink of disaster is a familiar place for most golfers. When things really start to fall apart, the standard operating procedure usually goes like this:

First you go to the driving range and beat some balls, hoping to find your swing. If you can’t find “it,” you start to experiment with the latest tip from the Golf Channel… Then it’s “try this, try that” and hope something sticks.

Unfortunately, experimentation like that just leads to a merry-go-round of frustration, where every new corrective adjustment leads to more problems. The harder you try, the worse it gets.

158725In The Legend of Bagger Vance, the folly of this standard procedure is summarized quite well by Bagger; “Every player possesses only one swing he is born with. One true, authentic swing that is his alone. Some days we can’t find “it” at all. Our frustration mounts. We begin to study, to seek instruction, to strive by dint of effort to mold and control our swinging motion. This, as every golfer knows, leads only to despair…The path to study and dissection leads only to paralysis. It is folly to try to mold yourself to anything else.”

Modern translation: Instead of experimenting, borrowing other people’s ideas, or trying to emulate some tour pro’s swing, surrender to your authentic swing. The one that works naturally for you, at least occasionally.

You know how it feels when it all comes together… when the ball just seems to launch effortlessly off the clubface. When you hit that spectacular recovery shot you’ve never made before. When your swing is completely unconscious.

That’s your authentic swing. The real you. The trick is to allow that authentic swing to show up more frequently.

“Our task as golfers is to chip away at everything that is inauthentic allowing our authentic swing to emerge in its purity.”

That’s what the guys at GNL Golf do; they help remove all the accumulated clutter that’s getting in the way of your natural golf swing.

You don’t have to worry about the mechanics of the swing. It’s simply a matter of getting set-up correctly and then letting go.

If you can get out of your own way and do that, you’ll be amazed how you can hit the ball… right on the sweet spot of the club. You’ll find more distance off the tee and predictable distance with every iron. So you’ll hit more greens and post lower scores. All with the same old swing you’ve always had, hiding beneath the clutter of instructional videos and golf channel analysis.