Golf lessons in The Villages — What the golf industry doesn’t want you to know.

I’ve always been a contrarian. Since the day I started in the custom club division of McGregor Golf back in 71 I’ve done things my own way, come hell or high water.

I don’t fit the mold that the golf industry has established. I give golf lessons in The Villages, but they’re not like any other lesson you’ll ever find. Anywhere.

The modern golf industry has always been divided into two camps: PGA certified “teaching pros” on one hand, and clubfitters/clubmakers on the other. The powers that be want to keep those two camps separated like church and state…

“Those independent guys don’t know anything about teaching. They need to just stick with making clubs.” So the PGA’s always at odds with groups like The Professional Clubmaker’s Society and the International Clubfitter’s Guild.

And with contrarians like me. I don’t fit neatly into either camp. Here’s why…

I believe, wholeheartedly, that Golf Clubs Create Golf Swings.

I learned that early in my career when I was working with the big name pros who played McGregor clubs. They all had the skill to compensate for anything that we put in their hands.

It was amazing to see… I once handed Tom Weiskopf a club that was 6 degrees upright and dead shut, just to mess with him. He took one look at it, changed his setup a little, and started hitting it dead straight, just like every other club in his bag.

Those guys were so good they could adapt to anything. But they knew better!

They always wanted it their way… Whether it was Weiskopf, Nicklaus, Moe Norman, Sam Snead, or Arnold Palmer… They all insisted that we build clubs to fit them, so they would never have to change their swing to fit the club.

Why should you try something that even the best tour pros are not willing to do?

Let’s face it… You’re not that good. The average bogey golfer cannot compensate successfully, or consistently, for golf clubs that are ill suited to his golf swing.

And yet, thousands of golf lessons in The Villages are wasted every year trying to teach people to do exactly that.

No PGA certified golf instructors in The Villages take equipment into consideration. In fact, they’re told NOT to. “Leave that to the clubfitters or the sales guys,” they’re told.

So instead of making a simple adjustment to a guy’s clubs, they’ll try to get him to change his grip, his swing plane, his set up, his “angle of attack” and a hundred other things.

To me, that’s just dumb.

Changing the golf club is a lot easier than tearing apart a golf swing and rebuilding it piece by piece.

When I give golf lessons the first thing I do is I look at your equipment. It’s the opposite approach of PGA instructors.

I address the equipment issues first, get that out of the way, THEN I teach you now to turn accidental magic into a repeatable process. It’s not that hard.

Everyone hits it on the sweet spot 4 or 5 times a round. You know the feeling… when the ball sails magically right toward the target.

With a few simple equipment tweaks and a little work on your posture, I’ll have you hitting it dead solid 20 or 30 times per round. It’s the only golf lesson in The Villages that achieves so much, so fast.

You’ll go from this…

golf lessons in The Villages GNL Golf

to this…

Let me explain why consistent impact like that is important…

When you miss the sweet spot you’re giving up precious yards off the tee. Not only that, your accuracy on approach shots will be way off.

Impact is all that matters. I don’t care what your swing looks like, as long as you can make consistent contact in the middle of the clubface you’ll do fine.

I follow Tiger Wood’s lead on this. Here’s what he said when he was asked “What’s the very best advice you have for the weekend golfer?”

“To get better… more than anything… start small and hit the ball in the middle of the face. If you can find the middle of the clubface consistently your game’s going to improve by so many shots, and you’re going to enjoy the game so much more. If you can’t find the middle of the face it’s going to be really frustrating.” – Tiger Woods. Australian interview 11/12/2019

Unfortunately, PGA instructor’s manual doesn’t cover sweet spot impact. I honestly don’t know why.

Any PGA instructor worth his salt can come up with umpteen reasons why you’re not hitting the ball consistently on the sweet spot. But none of them will say, simply, “you need a different club in your hands.”

They will never address the elephant in the room. They will never admit that the golf club you’re swinging can actually dictate the golf swing you’re using.

I will.

I will show you exactly how you’re trying to compensate, and I’ll fix the root of the problem first.

Then we can get on with the lesson that’ll produce immediate, measurable improvement.

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