Natural Motion Golf Lessons – How to optimize your authentic swing.

I’m a big movie buff. Going to the movies is one of my favorite things to do, besides salt water fishing.

Tin Cup was a good rom-com with golf as the backdrop. The Greatest Game Ever Played was a classic sports movie. And of course, everyone knows Bill Murray’s antics in Caddy Shack.

But let’s talk about the golf movie that inspired my Natural Motion Golf Lessons…

But for me, the most poignant golf movie of them all is The Legend of Bagger Vance with Will Smith, Matt Damon and Charlize Theron.

natural motion golf lessons in The Villages

I love the setting… in the deep south in the early 30’s. The golden age of golf. I love the characters, the story line and even the costumes.

The book was even better! It’s written by Steven Pressfield, who lived down in Naples and took a couple lessons from me. We both learned a lot.

Bagger Vance is about focus, and maybe more importantly DIS-focus… that state we all fall into occasionally where we’re completely lost.

Matt Damon’s the lost player and Will Smith’s the wise, mystical caddy who helps him find his way back to the game.

“Eventually he realizes that the game is not against the foe, but against himself. His little self. That yammering fearful every-resistant self that freezes, chokes, tops, nobbles, shanks, skulls, duffs and flubs. This is the self we must defeat.”

Bagger Vance is about awareness, and letting your natural, authentic swing work for you even though it’s not perfect. Instead of overthinking all the mechanical pieces, you get out of your head and just let it happen.

“This is not conscious awakeness, I believe. It doesn’t spring from the front of the brain. Its source is rather, I suspect, something far deeper, proceeding from a far more profound quadrant of consciousness.”

I call that accidental magic, and it happens to everyone, at least once or twice a round.

But what if you could harness that magic and turn it into a repeatable process? Instead of a few good, solid shots per round you could be hitting 20 or 30 right on the sweet spot. Routinely!

Wouldn’t that be nice?

That’s what I teach… Natural Motion golf lessons in The Villages. I don’t impose my will on you, and force you to change your natural motion. I just get you set up for success so your natural motion can reveal itself.

“Hagen and Jones do not will the swing into being, they use their will to find the swing that is already there. Then they surrender their will to it.”

Yes, Bagger Vance is a work of fiction. But it’s also one of the best books ever written on the mental game of golf.

Read it! Or at least watch the movie. Then you’ll be in the right frame of mind to make the most of your golf lessons with me.

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