How to get more distance, even if you’re over 60.

Everyone wants to find a few extra yards off the tee. Doesn’t matter if you’re 60 or 16, distance matters. But for the vast majority of weekend golfers, swinging harder isn’t the solution. You might hit it a little bit farther, but you’ll also miss more fairways and lose more golf balls.

Net gain: Nothing. In fact, you might just hurt your game if you start trying to hit the ball with more force.

Thankfully, GNL Golf can teach you how to hit it farther without messing up your natural rhythm and tempo. It really is possible to gain yards with every club without sacrificing accuracy and without dismantling your golf swing.

Effortless force, not forceful effort.

The secret is hitting the ball in the middle of the clubface. Right on the sweet spot… That’s the easiest way to get it to go farther. Because the fact is, the ball flies farther when you have perfect impact. So even if you don’t increase your clubhead speed, you can gain distance.

You probably hit the sweet spot four or five times a round, and it feels great! GNL Golf can train you to increase that dramatically.


It’s not your swing, it’s your set-up. Your swing is probably a lot more consistent than you think, so if you eliminate the variation in your set-up, you’ll eliminate most of those mishits. With a few simple adjustments you can start hitting the sweet spot eight out of ten times. Even if you’ve never broken 100.

It’s not that hard. We’ve been doing it for more than 30 years, with Florida golfers just like you.

You’ve seen guys who hit it consistently on the sweet spot… They look like they’re not swinging very hard at all, and yet the ball just goes sailing right by you. They hit it consistently farther and straighter than their competitors. They also have better distance control, so they don’t miss as many greens.

That could be you. If you live in The Villages, or anywhere in Central Florida, call GNL Golf for an appointment. And start hitting it right past your buddies.