How to find more distance, without losing the fairway.

It’s a trade-off that all golfers face… more yards off the tee in exchange for fewer fairways. Distance for accuracy. Hit it short and keep it in play, or just grip it and rip it.

If the rational mind ruled the world, we’d opt for accuracy every time. Because the fact is, extra yards off the tee will not help if you miss the fairway more often. A 240 yard drive that lands in the thick rough is NOT better than a 220 yard drive in the fairway.

But distance is sexy. Long drives feed the ego and provide bragging rights, even if they’re a little off the mark. So it’s “Damn the torpedoes! Full steam ahead. I’m going to bust this one past everyone.!

That’ll show them.

But showing off isn’t the main motivation for most of our clients. Here in The Villages, it’s more about embarrassment and fear of failure. That 70-yard worm-burner makes you look bad in front of all your friends and neighbors. You can’t escape it.

Thankfully, you can learn a simple routine that will all but eliminate those maddening miss-hits, AND give you extra yards with every club in the bag. No kidding.

You don’t have to sacrifice accuracy for distance. And you don’t have to rebuild your golf swing, piece by piece, in order to improve. You just need to learn to hit it on the sweet spot.


In “Fearless Golf” Sports Psychologist Dr. Dino Valiante says, “Golf is a game of irony. To shoot lower scores, you cannot remain squarely focused on low scores. To beat other players, you can’t remain focused on beating others.”

To gain more distance, you can’t just focus on gaining more distance. You have to find another way to it.

Perfect impact is the answer.

If you stop focusing on hitting it harder, and start focusing on hitting it in the middle of the clubface, then you’ll find that distance you need, without sacrificing consistency.

You all hit it dead center a few times every round, and it feels great! Wouldn’t you like to do that more often?

With the right set-up you can learn how to repeat that feeling of perfect impact time after time. With your driver, your long irons, your hybrids and your wedges. Your swing may not be perfect, or pretty, but it is repeatable enough.

That’s what John Ford sees every day at GNL Golf… average golfers, with average golf swings, who learn to hit it consistently on the sweet spot.

The fact is, for the people like you, the easiest way to gain distance is to find the sweet spot more often. You can have the same old swing you’ve always had, and still get ten, 20, even 30 more yards off the tee.

Let’s face it. If you’re over 45, you’re not going to gain much more clubhead speed, no matter how many lessons you take. And you just might hurt yourself trying. So instead of swinging out of your shoes, just shift your focus and start hitting it in on the sweet spot. You’ll gain distance without sacrificing anything.